Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fall Shoes: Steal VS Splurge

Ahh, this gorgeous red-soled shoes ---> Christian Louboutin. Those devilish red-soled shoes that haunt me and the rest of us. So, I went to Nordstrom's today for their 3 day Anniversary sale and just wanted to look for some Fall 2007 Shoes. As I was browsing the aisles. I got so excited and saw this pair of Steven shoes it was on sale for $69.9o, which is within my budget.
Compared to the Christian Louboutin's shoes for $785.00. I told myself. Someday.. someday... I will be able to afford one of those red-soled shoes. Anywho, The worst part was that the Steven shoes was SOLD OUT . It was already sold out yesterday. I was soo bummed. I guess I'll just have to start saving and get those Christian Louboutin Shoes.

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