Saturday, August 4, 2007


It was a very fun and busy week. Tuesday was my last day at work. NO, I am not staying home, I am going to work part time at Centinela starting next week. My friends from Little Company gave me a farewell potluck party. There was lots of food, it was sooo fun. I will surely miss them.

Wednesday was Standards Night for the youth in our Ward. We were invited to be in the "Dating Panel". It was sooo fun, and a very nice experience for Paul and I. The kids asked very interesting questions such as "Should you kiss on a first date?" and "what do married couples fight about?", Of course it was very interesting how other couples in the ward answered the questions and also see the YM and YW reactions from the answered questions.

Thursday we went to Shauna's place. Shauna and Suzi helped me plan Bonnie's Bridal Shower. It was really fun, we talked a lot as always we went home at 1230. Natalie and Nana couldn't make it.

Friday...Yes Friday night is PIZZA NIGHT!!!! We invited my friend Nana and her girls because Jeff is out of town. Of course the boys loves the girls. We played Disney Scene it, Hullabaloo and the boy's favorite FHE game "thimble Game" . You know how it is, the boys want to show off for the girls.

Saturday is splash day, slip and slide and trip to the beach. I had to work and see 1 patient real quick. Then at 4pm went to Carson Building to attend a baptism. I also love attending baptisms the primary songs, primary kids singing , the talks and most of all the Spirit you feel while witnessing this important event in their life.

Ahhh, it was so nice to end this week by going to Church after a long week of hustle and bustle.

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