Friday, August 31, 2007


WHAT????!!! That was my first reaction when I heard this latest news. As if funny rubber shoes weren’t enough of a contribution to style history, Croc’s is getting ready to launch a line of clothing, including shirts for adults, and tops, skirts and shorts for kids. Made from material called Croslite - a soft spongy foam resin.

Daily Mail reports: "The clothing material has been called Croslite rt, the 'rt' in the name standing for 'relaxed technology'."

It is said to be resistant to harsh chemicals and heat which means it can stand up to exposure to sun, UV rays and sweat.

The clothes will come in colours complementing those used in Crocs footwear - which ranges from lurid green to bright yellow.

The range will be unveiled at a fashion show in Las Vegas later this week, hitting shops in October. But there are no immediate plans for the range to cross to British shores.

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