Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun Day

I went to the beach today after I got off work. It's been so hot this past few days so I thought, of having a nice afternoon at the beach before I pick up the boys from school. It was sooo nice I also had a nice nap down at the beach. And I finally finished realing my W magazine.It was sooo HUGE. Of course lots of advertisements. I can't wait for FALL. I love Fall Season, the weather, the colors changing, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon and most of all the FABRICS Ay-yay-yay!! I really can't wait. W mag showed a lot of nice shoes which I won't be able to afford, unless I really hit the CLEARANCE RACK. HA.
I then went to TJ's to pick up something simple for dinner tonight. It was simple, light and YUMMY!!!!

Then after dinner I went to the boys school and we had a meeting for this school year. I cant believe the boys are growing up so fast. Then I went to pick up my friend Hedda and we had a nice talk and get together at the Piknic restaurant in Playa Vista. I totally forgot my camera to capture the beautiful place. But check out their website. It is sooo cool, very cozy and warm and family friendly as well.

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