Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Day

Today is my day off and having a day off means running errands, cleaning, doing stuff. It's like Day Off + Errands = BUSY!!! I went to party city for Jacob's Birthday next week. Today is JT's last day at his pre-school so I went to Dominos to bring pizza for JT's class and teachers. I gave Jacob 2 slices for his Lunch and his classmates were soo cute watching him eat his pizza. I've asked Paul to pick up the kids from school because I hate saying goodbyes and I might just lose it. JT's teacher this summer is Ms. Krista since Ms. Raji went to maternity leave in May. Ms. Krista is sooo nice, and sooo sweet. She and her husband moved from Provo, UT of course we talked a lot of BYU football and Paul of course is always excited about his Cougars.

Today is also Paul's co workers last day at work. So Paul and his friend Jake will be waiting for new officemates in a couple of weeks..months...or maybe a year. I was thinking these might be their new officemates. They might not work at all!!!

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