Friday, September 21, 2007

Back to School Night

Paul and I went to JT's Back to school Night last night. It was very fun. Since I never went to school here I was very curious about "Back to School Night" and not only that as a Mom I am also excited to meet JT's teacher , his classroom, other parents etc...etc..JT's teacher is really nice and sweet. We met some of the parents and saw some of our friends at school. The teacher talked about the schedule, rules inside the class, what to expect this year, field trip and other fun stuff. She also talked about packing HEALTHY snacks for the kids. "We cannot have cupcakes or cookies for Birthdays anymore." It is totally changed. I told Paul that in the Philippines we bring happy meal for the whole class and ice cream and cake. So what the teacher said If we wish to send a treat for the kids, the food and beverage standard has to meet the SB12. Examples are Granola Bars, Fruits, Fat free muffins. I will let you know what I will bring for JT's Birthday.

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Tara said...

Food and beverage standard? How retarded is that??? "Hey class it's JT's birthdy and his mommy brought us all some string cheese and celery! And for dessert we'll have broccoli!!!" Did you ever notice that back when we were in school and all the crap was allowed, none of the kids were as unhealthy and overweight as they are now? Hmmmm.