Monday, September 3, 2007


We are going to be very busy this week.Or should I say ..I will be very Busy this week, with school, activities, TV shows and work.

Sept 5 - Shauna and I will go to Back to School Night for our kids and check who the teachers are. And it's New York's Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Sept 6 - will be JT's first day in Kindergarten again. Yes again he graduated from Kindergarten in preschool last yr now he's going to the Big School. Then my In-laws are coming to visit us. And it is TV premier for Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on Bravo at 10pm.

Sept 7 - Fashion Rocks at 9pm on CBS.
Sept 8 - Jacob's 3rd Birthday, BYU-UCLA game and also Paul and JT's 1st soccer match.
Sept 9 - Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohl's
WHEW.... It's going to be a crazy, fun week. I might have missed something. Will definitely add when I remember.

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