Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happiest race on earth

At the conclusion of the BYU-Arizona game yesterday, the boys and I drove down to Anaheim and stayed at one of the Best Western Hotels as we prepare for the Disneyland Family Fun Run. We saw some great fireworks from our balcony.

We had a blast today as we ran the Disneyland Family Fun Run. There were 4,000 runners WOW!! I ran my first ever 5K at 7am with the time of 37.30 after having children. The HOT weather and air slowed me down..Yeah..yeah too many excuses. But I had a BLAST!! There were kids like 7 yrs old running with their parents. So nice to see that. the volunteers and crew were sooo awesome. I saw a lot of the Disney characters during the race to motivate all the runners such as.

Also Pluto, Goofy , Jesse , the cast of HSM2, Jack Sparrow and many many many more. The runners stop and take pictures with all the Disney characters it was sooo COOL!!!

The kids race started at the conclusion of the 5K. It was sooooooo HOT at 830am, with 4,000 runners only plus spectators, volunteers etc. Wow it was a blast. Here are the pics from the race.

After the race, the boys and I went swimming to cool down. It surely was a fun Labor Day weekend. We'll definitely do this as a Family Tradition.


Jennifer said...

It looks like it was tons of fun, I am hoping to get into the half marathon next year. Sorry about the heat, I can't believe how hot it's been, you did awesome and the boys look adorable!

Joanne said...

I know it;s totally fun. Yeah we should do the half a marathon next yr. They are going to have one in January and Sept.

Tara said...

Joanne, I think it's so awesome that you did this! You and the boys look great!! So cute!

Joanne said...

Thanks Tara, we should do this next year. It is sooo FUN!!!