Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ipod Touch

As soon as my Dad reads this. He will call me ASAP/STAT. My Dad loves updated technology or should I say GADGET!!and he will be excited to have one of the latest Apple Ipod touch

iPod Touch is thin, I can just imagine.It is 8 mm thin. That's thinner than the iPhone. Built-in WiFi, 3.5 inch screen (same as iPhone).Looks just like an iPhone.
AND IT HAS SAFARI. (huge because it's basically a phoneless iPhone).

What is Safari? Safari is an e-reference library where you can search across thousands of books from O'Reilly, Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, Microsoft Press and more. Read books cover to cover or flip directly to the section you need in seconds.

In addition, Apple unveiled a partnership with Starbucks will result in free Wi-Fi access in its coffee shops for iPhone or iPod Touch owners who want to download music.

So as soon as my Dad calls I will keep you posted. Not a bad idea to ask for a birthday Present. Hummmm

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