Saturday, September 1, 2007

LV tribute patchwork ringing in at $52,00.00

I'm all for designer handbags but I think it might have gone too far this time. Unfortunately, that is not a typo and this Louis Vuitton patchwork tote is honestly retailing for $52,000 !!!! Having a bag as a status symbol gains new meaning with this bag which is hand made in France from 14 Louis Vuitton bags. These are cut up and stitched together. With only 5 pieces for sale in North America and 24 worldwide. R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles is one of the five to possess it, while the names of the other four have not been disclosed. If you're interested in buying in one they must be ordered in advance!!

The Tribute Patchwork bag is not the most expensive ever created. In 2005, auction house Doyle New York sold a black crocodile Hermes Birkin customized with a clasp and lock featuring 14 carats of pave diamonds set in white gold for $64,800.

Not to be outdone, Chanel will launch a bag in December made of white alligator skin and diamonds. The iconic double-C clasp will be studded with 334 of the jewels, or about 3.56 carats. The chain strap will be made of white gold trimmed with more alligator skin. Only 13 will be available worldwide.Price: $260,150. Whoa!

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