Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bad Day

  1. I had to work today. Seriously I'm grateful I have a job
  2. On the weekends I work, I start at 7 am
  3. I usually do not start my day in the ICU, but today I started seeing my patients in the ICU
  4. at 7:15, they called the 1st Code Blue on the North Side front station
  5. Poor Nurses - Code Blue at a start and end of shift is really NOT NICE!!
  6. It was chaotic, I went to the Back Station to see another patient
  7. Family came in started crying...
  8. 7:30 - they called the 2nd Code on the North Side back station
  9. Family Came in started wailing....
  10. 7:50 -called the 3rd Code Back Station
  11. 7:50 I had to leave the ICU couldn't handle that, started saying a prayer for the families on my way up to Cardiac Unit
  12. Thought about Paul's Grandma
  13. Paul sent me a Text Message; His Grandma passed away this morning in ID.
  14. What a day at work!
  15. Seeing this picture at the end of my shift...PRICELESS
ICU hospital gown

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