Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I hope Joanne doesn't mind, but I hacked my way into her blog (never share your password with your spouse).

I just wanted to wish her Happy Birthday and give her a little surprise:

Thirty Five Things
I Love About My Wife

1. She is an awesome Mom!
2. Her beautiful smile.
3. The way she blogs.
4. Her awesome energy.
5. Her awesome enthusiasm.
6. She always has tons of fun ideas for things to do.
7. She always has a million ideas for places to go.
8. The way she always plans ahead for family activities and events.
9. The way she plans all Fall activities around the BYU football schedule.
10. She is a great friend.
11. She’s even a better wife.
12. The way she always uses pet names for me.
13. The way she uses my first name when she’s serious or mad.
14. The way she carefully packs the boys’ lunches every day.
15. She loves to do nice things for people.
16. She always goes out of her way to make people feel at home.
17. She is always prepared.
18. She is a very hard worker.
19. Her beautiful eyes.
20. The way she always snuggles deep down in the covers when we go to bed, even when it’s summer and it’s too hot to sleep.
21. The way she is always too hot by the morning and throws all the covers off, even when it’s winter.
22. The way she lets me cuddle close to her on a cold morning to warm up – I call her my hot potato.
23. Her example of faith and service.
24. Her beautiful testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ.
25. She reminds us every day to have family prayer.
26. She is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known.
27. When she gets into her “baking” mood and tries out some new recipes.
28. She calls me every day at work, just to see how I’m doing.
29. She remembers everybody’s birthday.
30. The way she treads lightly when I’m having a “bad football day” and doesn’t rub it in.
31. She lets me do “guy” things like throwing a March Madness party or going to a Bowl game.
32. The way she asks me to tell her something about history, politics, or my job when she can’t sleep. Puts her out like a light every time!
33. She always reaches out to meet new people.
34. She is so well organized.
35. She fell in love with me and made my life complete.


Joanne said...

awww. Thanks Honey. I love you

Joanne said...

now that's cheesy =)

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Joanne!! And Paul, that was sooo sweet!

Jacob said...

Hi everyone, this is Jake, Paul's office mate and I would just like to say that that was a beautiful list of romantic things that Paul wrote about Joanne. He's trying to make every other husband in the world look bad. Well done Paul you romantic devil you! And Happy (very belated) Birthday Joanne!