Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I had a nice day off today. Went to Jake's school and JT's school. They had a nice parade, cookie making station, card making station, craft area too. JT's class made some "witche's brew" and had it for pm recess. We had a blast!!!! And the boys chose spiderman outfits.

We had a yummy dinner tonight and a "spooky brownie dessert".

Then at 630pm the boys went trick or treatin around the neighborhood. We are handing out juice boxes again this year. Why not give those trick or treaters a "chaser" of MORE SUGAR after eating those candies right?

The boys enjoyed trick or treating tonight on our street and went to our friends neighborhood. I'm so glad they only went on our street we did not have to too much candy.

We really love halloween. And tomorrow, I will start my Thanksgiving decorations going.

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