Saturday, October 13, 2007

NIce day

It was a fun day today. Jake and I watched and cheered for JT and Daddy at the soccer game. Tito John was there today to cheer for him too. The boys were so good this week and as a reward they picked to have lunch at Taco Bell. We then watched a lot of football games today. We cheered for Rohan and Tini's Uncle who plays for USC - # 70 Offensive Guard Woohoo!!
So, the question is who is #1? We were so bummed USC went down to 13 or 14. But we know they're working really hard to climb back up. FIGHT ON!!
After that game Paul logged on his sling box and watched BYU-UNLV game. We were so happy they won today. Paul is super uber happy, USC and BYU won. SO AM I =)

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