Sunday, October 28, 2007

Remembering Grandma Crane

Grandma Crane's funeral service was so beautiful. I learned a lot of things about her. Here are some of the things I can remember from her Daughters,Sons,DIL and SIL's speeches.
  • She had a cut on her forehead when she was born
  • She was 12 years old when she lost her mother and she had to take care of her siblings
  • She served 2 missions for the church, once when she was 21 and the 2nd with her lifelong companion Grandpa Crane
  • Her heart still skips a beat when she hears the screen door open and now Grandpa's heart skipped a beat when she joined him
  • When Uncle Laurence and Uncle Mckay were little and they fought over a toy Grandma Crane took the toy away from them and put it in the stove and said that's not how you share toys.
Elder L. Tom Perry was there too and he gave a wonderful message about: A legacy, how we should continue her legacy and not stop ......

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