Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short day

We have a very low census at work today so I got off early and went shopping after work. I decided to shop at Century City for my nieces baby shower at one of my favorite Children's stores ---> Naartjie. Of course I also ended up buying clothes for the boys. I love..love...love Naartjie store. Im so glad to have gone there today. I was planning to go shop in Utah, because of the busy schedule, I decided to shop sometime this week. Because of the short work day, today was the perfect time. Last time I was there was in July with my girlfriends and we all got crazy buying stuff for our kids. Then I went to Zara for some Mommy shopping.

Then we went to meet up with Jeff, Nana and their girls for dinner at Rubios . It was sooo good of course. JT and Jake were so excited of course when we got there they were both so shy to even talk to the girls. After a few minutes of "warming up" they had a great time as always and the girls were sooo adorable and cute as ever. They are moving next week and we will surely miss them.

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