Friday, November 16, 2007

Day Off

It is always nice to have the same day off as Paul. I took the boys to school today and Paul enjoyed sleeping in. I was able to go to the gym to burn off extra calories for our date today and Girls Night out tomorrow and for next week's Thanksgiving.
We were so productive today, with organizing and cleaning and doing errands while the boys were at school. Then for our Lunch date Paul and I went to a Persian Restaurant recommended by Kimia, who is an O.T at work. It was interesting, good Chicken Kabobs. Then after our date it was right time to pick up JT from school. I also had a haircut today and usually I have my bangs cut sideways. And since I was in the mood to take the risk for a change, I cut it differently. It was really different and here are the boys' replies.

JT: " What's up with you hair Dudette"? Then when I picked up Jake from school he looked at me, stared at me and said " I love you Mommy and you look like Dora".

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