Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fun Weekend

On friday, we had a very interesting dinner. JT's pre-school teacher invited us for her daughter's dinner. We had some Indian Gujarathi Thali (dimsum).

It was very interesting and different from Curry, Garlic Naan, Basmati Rice that we're used to eat. It's a Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. JT's pre-school classmates were there and they just had a blast.

Here's the menu that they served. The boys tried some Potato wada - potato filling with crispy flour crust and Chapatti - a flat bread made of whole wheat flour. It's almost similar to a "tortilla". The night ended with tons of spices, a full stomach and wonderful company.

On Saturday, we had our usual soccer game. We keep telling JT that his league is a scoreless game, however he keeps track of the scores and he was a little sad that the other team outscored them. And he said that he has to work a little harder. Then that night Nana and her girls came over and we had a Pizza Night. We got pizza dough from where else..TRADER JOE'S!!! We also got pizza sauce, mozarella cheese, pineapple, blackforest ham and sausage. And they made their own pizzas. Aspen, Sadie and Jake chose cheese pizza and JT and Miya made cheese,sausage and ham. Nana, Paul and I made hawaiian ones yum yum!!!

After dinner they watched Surfs Up and had a great time eating homemade popcorn. While Nana and I talked and read Instyle magazine and Paul watched football.

The kids were so good, they surely had fun. They were so tired, they left at 8:30 pm, we went to bed and moved our clock 1 hour back for Daylight Savings Time.


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