Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rivalry weekend

We had a fun day today. It's Football rivalry weekend. Paul was so intense today so I decided to take the kids with me while he watched football. The boys and I went to Target to look around for some toys to request from Santa. We also got some Gift Cards for Christmas. We went to Mcdonald's for lunch and also to give them a break and play. After lunch we went to the mall and bought a gift for one of my friends at work, Katrina who is celebrating her birthday today. In between all the shopping and Lunch, I constantly called Paul for the score update. When it was 4th quarter and 9 mins left in the game, Paul said that it was 9 - 3 for BYU. When I got home Utah had just taken a 10-9 lead by driving 69 yards for Darrell Mack's 1-yard touchdown run with 1:34 left to play.

I took a picture of Paul and Mark, and they had to show a little "smile for the camera", but deep inside they just wanted to scream and just wanted to tell me "get out of our face". After I took this picture we watched BYU's final drive with 1:30 second left on the clock, BYU faced a 4th-and-18 but quarterback Max Hall connected with Austin Collie for a 49-yard gain that gave the Cougars (and their fans) new life and culminated in Unga's touchdown run. He finished with 144 yards on 23 carries. And BYU had to go for two rather than kicking an extra point "in case" Utah scored a touchdown. When BYU scored the two point conversion, Paul and mark jumped for JOY!!
I had to take a picture of them again and Mark cannot scream or jump maybe because I was there watching the game and Jake was asleep in the boys room. And he decided to just cover his mouth with his hand to contain himself maybe =).

Here are the crazy Cougar fans cheering for their team and this win gives BYU an outright conference championship for its second consecutive year 7-0 in conference play. That will help all of the BYU fans keep their sanity. BYU faces San Diego State next week in a game that was postponed when fires in the San Diego area forced the postponement. GO COUGARS!!!

After the game Paul was so tired (adrenaline finally wore off) we had a short cat nap and then went to Katrina's Birthday. I can't believe how big her son is now.

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