Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What diet?

I was back to eating healthier or what we call DIET after five days of binging during Thanksgiving, then we had a fun Ward Activity tonight. We all had a great time, enjoyed talking, laughing and eating!!!!

We had a Delicious Appetizers such as meatballs, 3 spinach dips, mix trail snacks, cheese ball, veggie tray, and yummy desserts such as Chocolate Fountain, chocolate and peppermint cookies, Krispy Kreme, peanut butter cookies, pecan dessert, pumpkin bars, bundt cake, yule log, a key lime punch and lots more. As much as you try not to look at the food or eat, just the smell of it was so tempting!!! I guess I will be hitting the treadmill and spend more time than usual.

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