Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Game

A Sang Arm

Anagrams. This is a fun Christmas Party Game. Last night at my work's Christmas Party, our supervisor handed out a piece of paper with anagrams and it said
Who are they?
And it had all the anagrams made out of all of our names. It was really fun and they gave us 10 mins. Helen, the O.T won 1st prize and we 2 P.T's had to have a tie breaker. And these were the anagrams for the tie breaker.

Mice Routs (Tom Cruise)
Acid Stolen Tow (Client Eastwood)

Big Melons (Mel Gibson)

The second name was tough. It was down to the last minute and finally Cathi got it. It was so fun. Here are our Angrams:

Who are we

Allure Limp

Crab Jell I Om

Jell Hon Rim

Real Mole Jinn

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