Saturday, December 8, 2007

Girls Night Out

We had our Christmas get together tonight at Shauna's place. Suzi, picked me up and Natalie came after. We ordered Chinese Food and had cranberry sparkling cider and for dessert a yummy peppermint cheesecake from Trader Joe's.

Thank you guys for the presents. You're all such awesome friends. We were surprised we did not stay up til 1 am like last year. Thank you for putting up with me last night. I was coughing like crazy. I took my ADVAIR, Singulair and a breathing treatment before going to Shauna's. ButI was just constantly clearing my throat. It's a fight between my wheezing and acid reflux.

I also gave this yummy box of candy cane Joe-Joes from Trader Joe's (of course). If you love Girl Scout mint cookies and Oreos you'll love these suckers. Don't forget to eat them chilled. Yum....

Chantel and Nana we missed you, but we thought about you guys.

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