Saturday, December 29, 2007

No Clippers Please

We have been taking the kids to jungle salon for their hair cuts since they were 18 months old. We love the Jungle Salon, the seats are rides-like from theme parks, the colors, it offers selection of video games, DVDs, cartoons and other amusements for kids. Actually it is not only for kids it is a salon for the whole family. My hairstylist Tricia is also the boys' hairstylist. Except for today. When we told the boys we are going to have a haircut at the Jungle Salon, they did not want to go there, they wanted to go to BIG BOY hair salon. And so we went to Supercuts. Jake was really, really good. NO TV, NO MOVIE, NO TOYS, just a regular salon chair and mirror. Oh yes he still wants scissors no Clippers please.

JT has alaways been good when it comes to cutting his hair

We surely loved his haircut

We did not want to get too excited for Jake

Jake did not like spraying water on his hair

In the middle of his haircut, he seemed like he fell asleep and Paul had to hold his head. So cute!
We loved his haircut!

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