Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vegas Baby

What a weekend filled with fun, excitement and drama.

We left L.A at 1-ish and we hit a lot of traffic. It was raining, windy and cold.
Fashion Outlet at Primm Williams-Sonoma/Potterybarn Outlet
We stopped at one of our favorite Outlet stores. The Fashion Outlet - Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn and AG- Adriano Goldshmied, Hurley.
And that is always our first stop every time we go on a trip to Vegas or Utah. And Paul always tells me that we can stop there on our way back home, but for some reason I have to stop there for a QUICK Shopping. We arrived and checked in at our hotel (Excalibur) and it was so cold - in the 30's!

We went for some Shopping at FAO Schwartz. We love, love FAO. JT picked a present for Jake and Jake picked a present for JT. And Santa picked some presents for the boys as well.

FAO Schwartz at Caesars Palace
We want this Mommy...

Daddy..what about this?

This one Daddy?

GRANDest Piano. I remember this from last years. It was onsale for $250,00.00

After we went to FAO, Paul dropped me off at Planet Hollywood for some more shopping. I went to H&M, Betsey Johnson, It was a 2 hour shopping with not enough time to really browse 170 shops in that hotel. Paul also told me that the BYU team stayed here but I did not see any players or coaches around. While I was shopping Paul took the boys for some Daddy and Boys time to Circus Circus. The boys had a blast.

Then we grabbed a quick Lunch by Hard Rock Hotel. Red Mango Yogurt. And YES it is like PINK BERRY. BUT this is a little sweeter and it is only 90 cal for 1/2 cup and it is 0 gm fat. Pink Berry has 150 cal. for 1 cup. Anyways, IT WAS REALLY GOOD!! I asked Paul which started to come out first. Pink Berry or Red Mango. As I blog my weekend gimmick, I came across that Red Mango was founded in 2002 in Korea and Pink Berry was founded in 2005 in W.Hollywood. The decor, toppings, price are the same. Who cares?
We then went back to our hotel and got ready to see our friends Mark, Tara and their girls.
Paul with Amy (6mos)



We had a Blast! The food was great, the dessert YUMMY. The co. Fantastic. The boys and the girls had fun running around their house, screaming, playing, laughing and yes some crying, JT's nose bled, Emily had an owie. After that they played again. It just showed that they were really having a great time. While Tara and I chatted all night, Paul and mark watched "I am Legend".

The Big Day...
We went for a nice walk to M&M store. We decided to walk to kind of kill time as Paul await for the Las Vegas Bowl game at night.

We saw this Cosmobile outside the hotel.


We love M&M store

Greetings everyone

JT and Jake at M&M store

And then we went to MGM to see the Lion Habitat
Where are the Lions Mommy?
There they are....
After that we went to New York, New York to grab some Lunch and walked back to our hotel for some Nap time.
Paul left at 230 pm to watch the Las Vegas Bowl and got there at 4pm. Last year he left at 245 and barely made it to kick off. OK!
Then the boys and I went to Luxor Hotel to watch Sea Monster on IMAX. We took the tram and they were so good and we were all excited. We got to the ticket area and she told me that it's only 4 yrs old and above. I asked her WHY? She said that they went to a meeting this morning and it's only 4 and above. Because it's LOUD and Dark inside. I was so pissed!! I did not yell or cuss, YAY!! I talked to the boys and they were so SAD!!! I was too!! I explained it to them and JT and Jake tried so hard not to cry. They did not throw a fit nor complain. JT hugged Jake and saying sorry to each other. I had to do something. I told the boys let's go around and get tickets. I stood in line and asked to speak with he Manager. I told her that they boys had seen Dinosaurs and Deep Sea IMax in L.A as a field trip at their pre-school. And asked why they are not selling to 3 y.o, it did not say anything on the ticket or magazines. She explained how dark it is going to be inside and loud and the seats . She was not bending to my plea. Then I told her, this
Ok, what if I buy the tickets and if my boys cry we'll go out. Then she said " We cannot refund your money". I told her fine. As I pay for the 3 tickets, Jake's was FREE!! UNbe-freakinlieveable.
She finally gave in.

It was a nice movie, worth fighting for my kids. I usually don't do this Minor things. BUT, my kids were so good and they deserve to have a movie, I will do anything for them.

After the movie, I wanted to go for more shopping but JT and Jake wanted to go back to our hotel to watch the BYU game. We got back and saw the last 3 mins of the 1st half. It was a nail biter again. Down to the last second!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

We went to Bellagio and New York, New York for last min, shopping, we also went to outlet store.

We surely had a great time. We always love going to Las Vegas, going to the shows, watching a Bowl game, shopping and visiting the Jimenez's.
I am also glad that BYU won because when we got home tonight at 630pm. Paul had to go to Work. BUMMER!!!

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