Monday, January 14, 2008

Boys in the Bag Poem

I got an email tonight from my MIL. She wrote a beautiful poem about my post yesterday. Here it is...

Boys in the Bag

Two boys were once trying to hide.
They saw a bag and jumped right inside.
It was only a game
Hide and Seek is the name
Their mom had to look far and wide.

The Miller boys like to have lots of fun
They jump, climb, hop, skip, sing, and run
One day they got inside
A big bag to hide
It was just a game, and they won.

What fun it is to have a good brother
You can hide in a bag from your mother.
She cannot see you
And doesn't know what to do.
These two boys are like no other.

Bags are for shopping or packing your lunch
Or taking your things when you have a big bunch.
But if you climb inside
Trying to hide
You might end up in a big crunch.

Thanks Mom!

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