Thursday, January 10, 2008

Second Language

We love Routines in our household. Who doesn't?

Wake up/shower
eat Breakfast
brush teeth,wash face
fix bed
get ready for school
drop off JT
drop off Jake
go to work
get off work
pick up JT
pick up Jake
do homework
Daddy's home from work
read books
fix dinner
set table
clean up
fix lunches /snacks for next day
shower and get ready for bed
read more books...
around this time they will pick books that Mommy or Daddy will read to them
Tonight they picked the book

Daniel's Dinosaur
And yes I pronounced it DAN-Yell..and they said DANIEL!
I pronounced Allosaurus - as
a - LO-saw-russ
they said AL-o-saw-russ
Diplodocus as
Di-plo do-kuss
they said
dip-LOD-a kuss
I said
they said

I said Sorry boys
English is my Second Language
They Replied:
It's ok Mommy next time you'll get it right.
then back to our routine:
sing songs
say prayers
play Church music
Tuck them in
kisses good night.

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