Monday, January 28, 2008

Solve a Mystery Party

JT had a fun Birthday Party on Saturday. He had a Scooby Doo themed Party with his cousins and friends. Paul wrote a Mini Scooby Doo Mystery Skit for the party. JT, Jacob and their cousins had a Fantastic Time!! Here it is....

As the guests arrived they placed their gifts on a table in the living room. Then they sat down for a lunch of pizza, lemonade and crazy bread. As lunch was just about over, Grandma asked JT to show him where the gifts were.

As they entered the living room, the Snow Phantom surprised them as he was stealing all of the gifts wrapped in a sheet. The Phantom was dressed in a snowsuit, and wore a mask with blue hair. He gave Grandma and J.T. quite a start as he cackled menacingly and ran out the front door with all of the birthday presents. Everyone saw the masked Phantom run through the snow and around the house where he disappeared. The kids were all pretty excited at this point and didn't know what was happening.

Someone suggested that the kids should look for clues, and they found this short rhyme:

The scary Snow Phantom has created a mystery
We better find the gifts or this party is history
We can only hope that it didn’t go far
Look for a clue where you park the car

The kids all ran to the garage where they found the snowsuit and blue wig on the floor. Someone had changed out of the disguise and was hiding among the party guests. Who could it be and where were the gifts? They found the next clue with the disguise:

The Snow Phantom is fast, did you see that thing run
Whoever it was, must work out for fun
To find the next clue, right on the dot
In this house you must find the exercise spot

Everyone ran downstairs to Aunt Brenda's treadmill. There they found a clue that told them to take a break and play "Pin the collar on Scooby Doo"

Solving a mystery is never too easy
Even if the clues are really quite cheesy
Who is the phantom, what is its name
Let’s take a break and play a fun game

After playing the game, the kids found the next clue hiding behind Scooby Doo:

We think the Snow Phantom is still in the house
Sneaking around as quiet as a mouse
Where is the Phantom and why is he bad
J.T. wants his presents, or he will feel sad

We need to find out the Snow Phantom’s name
Could it be our Aunt Becky, she likes to play games?
Or poor uncle Troy, who doesn’t like toys
Or J.T.’s dad, playing a trick on his boys

The next clue is hiding somewhere quite yummy
We hope you can find it on a full tummy
It’s up in a place where cooks love to bake
Let’s go find the clue and then have some cake

The kids then ran back upstairs to find a clue under the birthday cake:

The Snow Phantom happens to be one of these three
Paul, Troy or Becky, but which could it be
Now the last clue, we’ve had enough of this babble
The Phantom is upstairs and likes to play scrabble

The kids ran to the stairs where they found a trail of scrabble tiles leading to Uncle Troy's bedroom where he had the toys stashed on his bed.

Troy confessed and admitted, he wanted all the toys for himself, and said “And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

The kids all had a great time acting out their favorite mystery solving characters from Scooby Doo.

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Tara said...

OH MY GOSH JOANNE! That sounds like it was sooo much fun! Who thought of that? Happy Birthday JT!!!