Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my wonderful Husband's Birthday. Yeah babe, Happy Birthday!! Last year for my Birthday, Paul wrote me a very nice Birthday wish . And that is going to be a tough one to top. BUT I will try my best.

There are many, many things I love about my Husband. But here are 36 things I love about my him:

  1. He is a wonderful Husband
  2. He is a great DAD
  3. I love those freckles, honey
  4. The many ways he makes us laugh
  5. The many ways he makes me SMILE =)
  6. The way he reads books to the boys
  7. The way he folds the Laundry
  8. He is the Best Soccer coach I have ever met
  9. He is an awesome COOK
  10. He is also the FOOD CRITIC in the fam
  11. He is a great friend
  12. He is a hard worker
  13. He is very patient
  14. The way he scolds me about SHOPPING and SHOES! yikes
  15. His blue eyes
  16. He loves sports
  17. Oh yeah especially FOOTBALL
  18. College FOOTBALL
  19. He is a fan of BYU and USC
  20. But it is True Blue that runs in his blood
  21. He plans ahead too, such as Birthdays for his family, vacations and FOOTBALL GAMES, especially BOWL GAMES
  22. He is a very good supporter
  23. The way he cleans our closet
  24. He loves Politics and history
  25. He blogs for one of the Presidential Candidates
  26. He loves to play basketball
  27. His example of faith
  28. His wonderful testimony of Jesus Christ
  29. He has his cellphone with him all the time but he will only turn it on to call ME
  30. He enjoys going back to the Philippines
  31. How he loves my family
  32. How he embraced my culture
  33. The way he tells me that he like the food on our table especially when I cook Filipino food and it is not even close to my Mom's cooking
  34. He made me a better person
  35. The way he loves me and the boys
  36. He made our lives complete.


Tara said...

That was really sweet Joanne! Happy Birthday Paul!! Love Jimenez Fam!

Jacob said...

Paul, this is your buddy Jake - if you're reading this, I want you to know that I hope you never leave our office o' fun and I hope you had a great birthday. You and Joanne are awesome and an inspiration to us all! Get ready for your office B-Day Party w/Ann, Stacy, the Darrell and of course Senor Bara. It's gonna be a hoot. Feliz Cumpleanos Homey!!!