Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby Loves Disco

We had a fun and busy Saturday. First we went to attend Caleb's Birthday Party. Caleb is Jacob's friend from Church and He had a fun Jungle Birthday Party.

Jacob swinging at the Pinata

Then after the party we went home and headed to the Shark Club in Costa Mesa and had a fun Baby Loves Disco play date! I met with my friend Jinky and her baby Sofia and Wil with Tresa and some of their friends. There were chill out places with tents, books, stuffed animals. There was face painting and a hair and make up section. The dance floor was filled with parents, grandparents and kids dancing. There were lots of bubbles on the dance floor and a fog machine too. We danced freeze dance, train dance and just had a great time. We feasted on grapes, strawberries, pita bread, hummus, carrots , celery and dip, chips and salsa, ABC cookies, balance bars, more cookies and juice boxes. You can order some Soda at the bar and yes MILK too. For the 1st 50 Moms they had a 15 min. spa and I was able to sign up for the 415. I've had many play dates but this one tops the list. When we left the club I asked my husband, I'm sure every parent is asking the same thing "I wish i would have thought of Baby Loves Disco". Check their website for future sched. This event sell out really fast!

Shark Club

Chill Out Area

Wil and Tresa, Sofia and Jinky, and Me

The Fam



Mommy on the ledge

JT havin fun dancing "Jump,Jump"

Oh NO our fun was not OVER YET. After we left the Shark Club we went to Little Gym and celebrated their 1st yr anniversary. JT and Jake's friends and classmates were there. They played, ran, climbed, kicked balls and ate a yummy birthday cake.

Finally Fun activities have to come to an end. We went home and had a quick dinner, no energy for fancy dinner tonight. We were all tuckered out and had a relaxing movie night. Scooby Doo with popcorn.

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