Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Activities

After work today, Paul and I had a very nice Lunch date before going to the boys' school. I had a wonderful time volunteering at JT's and Jacob's school. I helped some of the moms at JT's school hide the eggs for a nice egg hunting at the play area outside the Kindergarten classrooms.
Here are their bunny bags to use for
Egg hunting

JT looking for some eggs and checking for his name

Looking for more Eggs
Then JT and I went to Jacob's school.
We decorated some Easter Egg Cookies I got from Michaels.
It's really cool.

Jacob is surely having a great time. You can
just see it from his face.

The kids loved decorating those easter cookies and couldn't wait to get home to eat it.
Then after easter egg decorating, We cut out some bunny
masks, taped Popsicle's sticks
and they all looked so Cute!

We arrived home and the boys each had bags of candies and chocolates
from school.
I got home and I saw this on the dining table. I got a treat too
from my Visiting Teacher - Thanks Laura. You are so awesome!!!
I See's Candies

We opened the bag and the boys we're so excited they got some
candies for them too. Thanks a lot Laura!

Before going to bed
we brushed our teeth with our "personalized toothbrushes"
that we got from Toys R Us to brush off those Sugar bugs.
Too Cool - J.T's
All Star - Jacob's
Boys Rule - Daddy
Total Babe - of course who else MOMMY!!!

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Tara said...

I just love reading your blog. Sounds like you guys had a great day!