Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Monday madness

It is Monday Mommy, it's Family Home Evening!!! This is what they always tell me when I pick them up from school. And yes we surely had a great time. I was in charge of the treat and game. Since I have a purse party tomorrow and I need to do some errands so I picked dippin dots for our treat and yes that's their favorite. For Lesson, jacob taught us about dinosaurs , sharks and whales how they have big teeth and how they flip their tails. And when I asked him where do the sharks, whales and other sea creatures came from, he said "from their Mommy and Daddy" . Of course. But then I asked him "but who made them?", wanting to know if he will say Heavenly Father. And Paul was whispering "Heavenly Father" And he said "Well, the bata ( children in tagalog) came from Heavenly Father and the sharks and whales came from the ocean".... Of course!

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