Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Mania

Our Land phone was not working for 2 weeks and finally it is working!!! I am so sorry for everyone who tried calling and left us a message and never got back with you. A bad DSL filter was the problem so Paul bought a new one and now we're back online.

Today I took advantage and volunteered at Jacob's school. I had fun reading books to those wonderful kids. I read the boys' Disney Animal Book from Grandma's sister. I read the Ugly Duckling first and they just loved it. After that The 5 girls asked me to read Cinderella. Of course. And yes when they were asking me they were standing and jumping and just so excited. And the 3 boys were just sitting patiently for story to begin. Yeah not that excited they were just like..Ok... cool.So I read the story and the girls just loved it. Then after the story the boys cheered..Tarzan or Lion King, and the girls said..Who's Tarzan? It was so cute, so I ended up reading The Lion King. Then the girls said..Ok enough of Lions, what about Little Mermaid. But the boys wanted Tarzan. Since I did not have enough time I told them i will read Tarzan and Little mermaid on friday and for the last story I will read Dumbo. And they surely loved that. Yes I had a blast too!!!

JT was so good at Jacob's school he read his own books

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