Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paperless Documentation

Today was officially my 1st day at my new job. After the Physical exam, PPD tests, orientation, reading policies and procedures etc..etc. Today was patient treatment and documentation orientation. It was nice to see familiar faces from my previous 2 jobs. The Doctors, RN's, LVN's that are now studying to be an RN , Case Managers, Social workers, Dieticians and also non patient workers. There are computers everywhere, at the Nurses Station, the hallways every single room and department had computers. Last time I worked here was in 2005 they did not have a lot of computers and the staff had to wait a long time for others to finish documenting.

Since all the documentation is now on the computer, my cheat sheet/notes were so long. They said when they first started 4 years ago, it took them hours to get used to it, one of the therapists stayed at work documenting til 7pm and almost cried. Yikes! Oh well I guess I will have to polish my typing prowess...yeah right! The sad thing I will not be able to shop online or update my blogsite at work. Bummer!

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