Saturday, March 8, 2008

So long Farewell

Yesterday was the farewell party at my previous job. Yes I know we've had multiple farewell parties this past month. But yesterday was really the FINAL one. We had a nice potluck lunch, they gave us prizes, a thank you pin with a scratch lotto, we took pictures, sang karaoke, and a group farewell song. Then at night we met at Happa for a Happy Hour and more karaoke. It was really fun of course and I will surely miss this group of Therapists.

Janis wrote a nice song that we sang yesterday at lunch time
How Sweet it is to have worked with you"
to the tune of
"How sweet it is to be loved by you"

And another going away song based on
the Sound of Music's
"So Long farewell"

The Rehab dept
some of the therapists were off
and some could not make it.

Jenn and I
I was able to join them after my shift at my new job

These therapists are the only ones staying in the Rehab Dept.

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Anonymous said...

day. how are you? hope all is well in your new job. can you please post more pics (pics where im in it? hehehehe or you can email it to me. appreciate it! bye maria.