Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Very Windy Spring Day

We went to attend Sabrina's ( Janine and Cocoy;s daughter) Birthday party in O.C. It is always fun to see my friends from the Philippines. Yeah gone are the days of clubbing and partying. It is just Children's parties now. So Sabrina's birthday was at this beautiful park in O.C. We left L.A nice and warm by the time we got in O.C, man the wind started to pick up. It was a little bit cold and windy, but the kids were having a fabulous time. Jacob did not even want to wear pants or jacket and they really were having a great time.

Birthday Cake castle
for Princess Sabrina
Happy Birthday to you...chachacha...

Princess Sabrina
Happy Birthday

JT pretending to call Horton

Me-Jinky with Sofia-Hedda-Coy-Irene and Holly

Janine - Me - Hedda

It was pretty windy isn't it
Me- Sofia and JT

Jinky and Sofia

Jacob was taking a nap in the car when we arrived at the party
he woke up and it was very windy and he got so crabby!!! who wouldn't be right?
After an hour or so, he warmed up and
was having a great time.

These kids surely grow so fast
this was taken 2 yrs ago.

And this one too
Hedda -Sabine-Karen

JT surely had a great time.

So is Jacob

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Luisa & Marc said...

So fun that you could get together with old friends! It is funny how the partying days get traded in for mommy play dates:)