Saturday, April 5, 2008


I ran my 10 K today. I was not happy with my time but
I was able to finish. WHEW!!!
It was so beautiful, I enjoyed the views, the greenery, not too much the smell. Haahaa
Seriously, it is so Stunning.

Going to the starting line it was already UPHILL
I got there early, plenty of time to walk up the hill, warm up and stretch and
just to calm my nerves. Yes we met the Mayor of Agoura Hills,
he greeted us and cheered on us as well.
Mile 1: Downhill. Yeah, what an awesome way to start your run,
downhill for the first half mile. SWEET !

Mile 2: Slowly uphill but not too bad. Ran through a Ranch and the Old Agoura

Mile 3: Still going strong, slowly uphill, views were stunning,
went around the stables, smell not too great. Ran through Chesebro Canyon
Beautiful mountains, green trees, quiet. Fantastic Views!

Mile 4: Some uphill and downhill. Started feeling some
shin pain, calf muscles and hams.

Mile 5: The mile I wanted to THROW UP, you know that feeling
when you ran so hard and there were TONS OF
Crazy HILLS! It was that feeling. I walked about 3-4 times in this mile
I was feeling so tired. People were stopping on the side,
stretching their hamstrings and calves from Cramping
Did I say HILLS...HILLS...HILLS! Yes 5 Huge HILLS
It was the steepest HILLS of the race. One of the supporters said
5th mile...5th mile coming
I was like where? She said ALMOST THERE
Then one lady said, It's like being in Labor
Almost 5th mile but then WHAM HUGE HILL
Also, in this mile
one of the houses had speakers outside and played
The Rocky Song - Eye of the Tiger
and another one played
Chariots of Fire
They clapped and we waved as we passed their houses.
Then there was a huge downhill
Man, talk about the Hamstrings firing!
Then .5 mile left
one last HUGE HILL
Trail run around Agoura High School.

Where's Mommy?
There she is!

Final Stretch: Saw the boys, my number 1 FANS!!!
and the Finish Line. I just want to Finish the Race.

Finish Line....

Mile 6.2 - Official Time: 1:13:42

The post Race party was incredible.
It was named as the Best Post race party in L.A. I totally AGREE with that.
They had rock climbing, 5 jumpers and slides for the kids,
a Big Dole tent. They said this is their last year hosting this event
we were so Bummed of course. They gave out Dole pineapple juices, fruit jello,
fruit cocktails, bananas, bagels,
water, raisins and much more. They were great.
There were Crepes from whole foods - Thanks to Chef Mark
for cooking 2,000+ crepes.
And many, many, many more tents and sponsors.
The boys surely had a great time at the Park and sliding down those jumpers.
The runners enjoyed having some yummy freebie snacks.

On our way home, I saw this lady with at least 20 bags of Lululemon bags
I love Lululemon, so I asked her where she go it from. And she handed one bag to me
She said "It's from my store" .

Awesome I said, I love Lululemon products
she looked at me and I was wearing Nike and New Balance. Oh well.
Anyways, we're coming back next year for sure and we will run the Family fun run. And I
will try to run the Half. What do you think Jenn, Natalie and Suzi?
No wonder it is called the Great Race of Agoura Hills.

Click here to see more pictures.

And here's a video about the race's website.

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The Polson Family said...

Congrats, that is so awesome. Let me know when you're doing you're next race. I'd love to join in.