Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girls Night Owls

Our Temple Night has been long over due. Last time we went was Jan of last year. WOW! So we FINALLY went tonight. We tried to catch the 630 session thanks to L.A traffic we just made it to the 730. As always it was really great to be in the temple.

We went out after the session and celebrated Shauna's
Birthday. Since we left the temple so late most restaurants were already CLOSED!
Then we finally found 2 restaurants open til 12 am.
Shauna could not decide which one and when you're really hungry it's tough to decide.
Shauna and Suzi decided to do Rock, paper, scissor. And Natalie was the referee.
Shauna won and we went to PF Chang's. So funny!

Loot bags for the girls on our way to the temple.
Bottled water, gum and energy bar.

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