Sunday, April 20, 2008

Movie Night

Ever since we finished watching all the seasons of 24 and The Office series we cancelled our netflix and joined Hollywood Video. On friday the boys went to rent some videos and to their surprise the Hollywood Video we go to is "PERMANENTLY CLOSED" yikes!!! So they drove down the street to Blockbuster and yes, it's closed too, it is now Verizon. They were so sad. Then I mentioned to Paul how the grocery stores now have movie vending machines. I remember seeing these vending machines when we went on our trip to UT this winter and also at Vons in Agoura Hills. So they went and searched and Voila, they found this RED BOX Vending Movie Machine and it's $1.00 only. You can rent it thru the website to reserve and pick it up at the Vending Machine.

We had a fun Movie night last night. Our friends Jeremy and Natalie came over, we had Lucille's barbeque for dinner and we watched Juno, while the boys watched the Bee Movie. They were such good boys and really behaved well. I am so proud of them and they will get a fun treat next week.

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