Sunday, April 6, 2008

A New Prophet

When we got home yesterday, even though we were so tuckered out, we were able to watch the General Conference on TV. Thanks to our DVR. We were able to witness the Solemn Assembly to sustain the new Prophet and President of the LDS Church.

Yummy treats for Gen Conference.
The boys also enjoyed their Conference Journal.

We also played The "Joseph Smith Bingo"
and used fruitloops to cover the answers

We made yummy Ice Cream Pops/Bites
I got this recipe from Giada.Who is Giada?
Giada de Laurentis, I'm sure your husbands would know her
more than you do. Anyway,
She is the Everyday Italian Chef on food network.
I used Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Chips so yummy,
I did not use popsicle sticks, yeah I just did not have enough energy
to look for it after running the 10 K and today
I am so sore.

Well, I used skewers and cut it in half
the hard part was putting it in my freezer because it was long.

When it was time to eat it, the stick came off easily
and JT ate his with his hands, because it reminds him of Trader Joe's Bonbons.
I did not use Hazelnuts like Giada, because the boys prefer sprinkles.

During Gen Conference break
Jacob was busy putting the train tracks together
he had Dinosaurs on one side, zoo animals on one side
and miscellaneous on one side.

After the conference, we dropped by and said Hello and congratulation's to Mark and Luisa.
They have a new baby boy named Jacob
he is so cute!

And the Nursery is so pretty.

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