Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Madness

I cannot wait for FRIDAY. Today has been extremely busy. Yeah as if other days are not extremely busy. Anyway, we were so busy at work. I was in the Unit all day (ICU). After work I went to see my Doctor for my Annual Medical Check up. Everything is Normal, my Cholesterol level, HDL, LDL, thyroid, everything is Normal. I was so HAPPY.

Do you ever feel like this everytime you visit your Doctor? OR
everytime you check how much you weigh.

JT and I picked up Jake from school, finished homework, Paul went to Church to help set up for the Pack Meeting, while I fixed dinner. Thursday is Panini Night. What is a Panini? It is a grilled sandwich. Love it, love,l ove, love Paninis. Turkey club, Jake loves PB and J Panini, chicken club, Tuna, sweet roll with strawberry and nutella. YUMMY!!!! It's quick and YUMMY for a Thursday night. Then JT and I went to his Open House at school and Jake went with Paul to Church for Cub scouts.
Whew! what a day huh. I really enjoyed it. This is our first Open House, the teachers decorate their classrooms with a "THEME" . They post and decorate all the children's art and journals and papers and homeworks. It is just so precious when I read one of JT's journals. I believe he wrote it 2 weeks ago.

I went to Agura (Agoura) Hills. I had Islands for dinner, My mommy ran in race, she Ran 100 miles. I played at the park, went swimming in the hotel and watched Alvin and the chipmunks too. I had cereal for breakfast.

And the other one was about Rainbows.

If I had two rainbows, I would give one to my brother.

I just put the boys to bed, Paul is now making a Fruit Pizza he signed up to bring for a pot luck at work, I am obviously blogging then I will fix the boys lunches and snack for tomorrow, they've picked their clothes for tomorrow (check) And later we will watch The Office and Lost. What a way to end the crazy madness.


Amber said...

I had OPen House tonight too! Hey, those are two great shows...already watched The Office but saving Lost for tomorrow night :)

Tara said...

We're also saving Lost for tomorrow night. SO cute what JT wrote! And WOW, 100 miles is impressive! ;-) I love reading your blog -- it makes me smile!