Saturday, April 5, 2008

Week Update

What a fun and busy weekend.
Here are some pictures and highlights from last weeks busy events.

FHE Night: Jacob taught us the lesson and he taught about
Noah's Ark. Because Jacob loves Sharks, Dolphins and all other sea creatures so much
he grabbed all his ocean creatures toys and said that
Noah brought 2 of each species. And placed them in
the Ark.
For Treat: We had Dirt Cups. Yummy!

Jake surely loves it

It was Lunch with someone special at JT's school this week.
JT invited us and we had a nice lunch with him at school,
picnic style of course. We brought MickyD's for JT which many other parents
brought for their kids too
while Paul and I had healthy and yummy Tuna Sandwich.

Yeah, April Fools Day.
Dr. Seuss said: I do not like Green eggs and Ham , I do not Like them
Sam I am.
BUT The boys LOVED IT!!!!
It took awhile for Jake to eat his breakfast,
He just did not like to drink the purple milk.
JT said: It just tastes like regular milk don't look at the color and close your eyes.

Friday we drove up to Agoura Hills to get my timing chip
and number BIB for my 10K race on Saturday.

Beautiful Mountains

We went swimming at our hotel

The boys love to swim

At The Islands Restaurant
a picturesque view

Getting ready for the 10K

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