Friday, May 9, 2008


Who do we Appreciate

This week was Teacher's Appreciation Week.
I organized a Daily Appreciation at Jake's pre-school.
I wrote a letter to all the parents who would like to participate for this week's event.
I was surprised how well they responded.

"Breakfast of Champions"
Bagels and Pastries courtesy of
Panera Bread
Orange Juice

"Teachers are the Sweetest"
Assorted Cookies and Muffins
courtesy of our local Bakery.

And our favorite
Broguiere's Milk.
I was looking for Strawberry Milk and
Chocolate Milk but I didn't know
if they would like it.
I heard Broguiere's Eggnog is really good during Christmas time
I have not tried it. We never had egg nog in the Philippines.

Thursday was Pizza Party:
I asked some volunteers to watch the kids
while the Teachers had lunch together. They all work together
but they rarely have a chance
to eat a fun lunch together. Thanks to all the Moms who volunteered
that day.
Ooppsss, I forgot to take their pictures.

Ice Cream Social and Teachers Award
The teachers received a Target Gift card
"Thank you for TARGET-ing the
Children's Strengths and weaknesses"

They also received
"World's Best Teacher" Certificate

Ice cream during their afternoon break.

while the Director, J.T and I watched
the kids.

The Director and Teachers gave me a
Thank you Card and flowers
for organizing this week's events.
I was very surprised
It was very thoughtful of them and I am so grateful for the
beautiful flowers and card and the nice words they wrote in the card.

I surely had fun planning and organizing this.
It was a little stressful the past week.
But with the help of the parents, kids, Director, my friends and
of course my fam
this week went by nice and smooth.

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Tara said...

Joanne, you are so sweet to do that for the teachers! I'm sure they really loved it.