Monday, May 19, 2008


I was in charge of Lesson tonight for FHE and I gave a talk about Family. Jake gave a beautiful talk yesterday at Church about Family. We were so proud of him, it was his first talk as a Sunbeam. He was so good, I hardly even helped him. Except for the big words "Father, Mother". He was so excited since he got the slip last week that he will give a talk at Church and he practiced really well.

Anyway, after I gave the lesson tonight, Jake wanted to give his talk one more time, but because of his ear infection he said his mouth is hurting and he cannot talk, so cute =). So J.T gave us Jake's talk tonight.

Heavenly Father wants us to have a family

This is my Family

We love to go to the beach

We love to go on vacation
Jake said : This is my family at whale watching

We love to say our family prayers
in the morning, in our minds and hearts at school and at night
Jake said : But this is not Us Mommy,
I told him it's ok I got it from the Gospel Art Kit
and he said....We say Family prayers all morning

We love to have Family Home Evening
on Mondays


Father And Mother

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Tara said...

So cute! And a good lesson too!