Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

We had a fun Mother's Day today.
The boys woke up their Daddy early today
at 5:59 am
Usually Paul and I take turns sleeping in during Sundays
and this is a special day and it was my turn to sleep in.

The boys made a banner for me.

They made some
"Cakes for Breakfast"

Pancakes with
whipped cream
rainbow sprinkles
Orange juice and Milk

I had beautiful flowers
and presents today.
The boys said
"It is just like Christmas, we are the elves "

They made this at primary today
10 things you love about your Mom.
When we got home the boys slipped these inside
the mail box and told me that there is a packet for
me from the Mail cute

I am so proud of my boys for doing so many things today.
They really spoiled me. They made breakfast, set the table
made yummy breakfast and lunch
cleaned up the room, picked up their toys.
they really went the extra mile this weekend.

We also had two very nice talks at Church today.
The spirit was so strong, Larayne and Tao were so good and
I tried not to cry but I could not help it.
Good thing I had a waterproof mascara today.
Always wear waterproof mascara on Mother's day
or any special events.
Larayne's talk asked her kids
What kind of a Mother are you?
she inspired me so After Church I asked my boys the same questions
What Kind of a Mother am I?
JT said :
You are beautiful..=)
caring and thoughtful
Fun Mom

Jacob said:
You are pretty Mommy =)
crazy sometimes
likes to go places

That was so funny.
Anyway, there are so many things I would like to say
about my MOM
  • She taught me to be faithful. I always see her pray in the morning and night
  • She is very,very patient
  • I have never seen her get mad at us, I do not recall ever! I remember the only thing she does is say "Hmph" that's it.
  • She is the greatest cook ever! I wish I listened to her more. She took me to some cooking classes with her, She is so awesome but I wasn't really THAT into cooking.
  • She is very caring and loves her 4 kids so much
  • She taught me How to Sacrifice in a lot of things FOR HER KIDS.
  • I love you Mother, you're the Best!!! =)

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Tara said...

Awwww. Such sweet boys! Happy Mother's Day!!!