Saturday, May 17, 2008

Support the troops

Today we celebrated the Armed forces day and we watched the parade. When we got to the parade it was packed. We found a nice shaded area we were standing in the back then we saw JT's friends from Church and from school. And some of our friends from Church.

Pearl Harbor Survivors

The U.S Marines
J.T shook one of the soldier's hands

The boys were so excited to see this
They said it is from the movie
The Transformers

More Trucks and robots

This is my favorite
I was sitting next to an older lady and I told her how I just love
the jets fly by, it is just so inspiring and she said
"I get emotional"
That sums it up.

I believe this is
the Militay fire trucks

More jets
I do not know what kind these are
someone said they are

The USS Nevada

Tomahawk and sparrow Missiles

And the firemen and paramedics
just chillin out

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