Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night Jacob woke me up and he said his ear hurts, I told him he was just dreaming. Then I held him and he was very warm to the touch. Checked his temp and it was 102 deg. Today I took him to his M.D., luckily she was on call today and could check him out. Both ears had infection and there was some rattling in his chest. Anyways, Jake is such a trooper today at the parade, he was asleep when the jets flew by, Yeah how can you not wake up with that "thundrous sound" .
Then at night, Paul and Jeremy played tennis, Natalie and I wanted to play doubles but Natalie is almost 7 months on the way so we watched 27 Dresses instead. Shauna and Suzi could not join us tonight. I really liked the movie. Who does not want to see James Marsden. It was really fun movie night. The boys watched flushed away for movie night.

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