Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anything is possible

Thats what Kevin Garnett said. It has been 22 years and now they've won it again. Bonnie I am sure David is so happy and excited. Yes, Paul is very happy and was really cheering for them. And my nephew, Lian is a big Paul Pierce fan.

Jacob is so cute, he does not own a Lakers jersey but he has a yellow "Brasil" jerseys and he wore it in honor of the Lakers. So cute. And J.T said they will get back next year. Then they went to bed and did not even finish the game.


Bonnie & David said...

HAHA! David really was happy, and to be honest secretly i was too. I know I need to be loyal to my Laker roots but they were not playing up to their potential! and I Paul Pierce really is amazing

Joanne said...

Shhh!!! I won't tell anyone. =)