Sunday, June 8, 2008

This weekend's Update

It was a busy weekend as usual in our household. We continued our Spring Cleaning - EVER!!!
and this time we went to Honda Office for the Household Hazardous Electronic waste Disposal. We donated our old and broken TV, computers, monitors, keyboards, printers.
You can bring paint,paint thinner,cleaners,batteries,pool chemicals, computer monitors, tv, phones, cellular phones etc.
You cannot bring Explosives,ammunition, Trash and tires, refrigerators,stoves and washing machines.
You can see the staff or volunteers totally geared up. With hat, gowns, mask, goggles, gloves and shoes. You cannot get out of the car, they will open the trunk of you car and pick up the stuffs for you. There is a 15 gallon or 125 lbs of waste per trip.

J.T and Jake went to a Pirates Birthday Party.

J.T's turn for the Pinata

We went to Jonathan and Sunny's Birthday Party at Khoury's in Long Beach. We love Khoury's Restaurant. Paul and I had a nice time so are the boys. Thanks to my brother and SIL for watching the boys.

Sunny and Me

I ran 8 miles yesterday and deserved eating
this yummy cake and Seafood!

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