Sunday, July 27, 2008


I just want to apologize for this long post but I have a lot to catch up on.

Last week we decided to go on a one week hiatus from TV, Computer and Shopping.
The boys were like: WhAT?WhY? HuH?
We tried to focus on other fun stuff to do instead of dwelling on not having TV.
It was also the perfect time to turn it off since we had cancelled Dish Network in order to have direct TV installed on friday for the football season.

Anyways, the 1st day they were constantly asking us. How long are we going to suffer? So funny! We read books, played outside,went to the park, walked around the neighborhood, rode their bikes, played basketball, soccer and baseball. Before they knew it the day was over. Since JT goes to Y-Summer camp and Jake goes to pre-school the day is pretty easy for them. When they got home from school, they played baseball, rode their bikes, played in the backyard, read books and played with their toys. And never asked for TV since Day 2. Awesome!

Here's the highlights.

Shauna, Natalie and I went to Chicken Dijon for dinner

The boys could not find their camera, so they used my camera instead.

So silly they just love taking pictures

For Family Night,
J.T gave a lesson about being grateful and before he gave the Lesson he
did a hangman game for us to guess what the Lesson was going to be and it said

J.T finally lost his tooth, after days of having a loose tooth
I jiggled and jiggled and it started bleeding. JT said
"Mommy, you're not a dentist" so we went to see our dentist and she pulled it out.
Later that night the Tooth Fairy came and gave him some money.

They went swimming and enjoyed the beach as well,
Jake loves playing with his sea animal toys
and decided to take the toys to the beach, WHY NOT!

J.T enjoys the waves. Mommy when can I have a Boogie Board?
Someday J.T

We love going to the beach.

Ever since we bought this house
it had this huge old school satellite dish on the roof. Like from the 80's.
So finally on Sat. one of the guys who installed our Direct TV
asked Paul if he could take the big dish to recycle. Take it PLEASE!!!!




Boys will be boys

Enjoyed the park
the slide
rode their bikes
and let their wiggles out.

I took the boys to a Birthday Party.

On Saturdays, We give the boys 6 tokens . (1 token /day, 1 tv show /token) If they misbehave, do not listen to Daddy or Mommy or if they are naughty, they lose 1 token. They can earn more by cleaning their rooms, doing the assigned errands and doing homework on time.
So, on Sat, after the TV Hiatus, we told them that if they clean their room, they will earn their tokens back and get to watch TV.
Their Reply:
We'll clean the room, donate some toys, we don't need to watch TV, let's just play baseball.

Yesterday I went to Shauna's and we were just talking how we were on a TV/computer hiatus . (Paul and I read our email and news at work). Shauna said that her daughter did not have any TV last week either. Anyways, after a couple of days, she never asked her about TV. We were just talking how we should hold off TV for the rest of the Summer.

I was also on a Shopping Hiatus---> ahhhhhh!!!!I was so good! Paul went grocery shopping last week. Thanks to my friend Hedda for buying something for me at JCREW. does that count for Shopping Hiatus?

Oh, I cannot wait to go to Nordstrom for their Anniv. Sale, JCREW and Anthopologie.


Janice said...

What, now the TV I can understand but the shopping? How's that working for you??????

I love you idea and may try it out on my family next week for FHE when our lesson is on sacrfice.

Way to go!

Joanne said...

Janice - it was hard, it was a very long 7 days! haahaa. Yeah we had Service and Sacrifice last week and tonight we talked about Being KIND.

Tara said...

It's funny that you go on a TV hiatus when I have been practically begging my kids to watch more TV so I can get some packing done!! Too funny!

Joanne said...

Tara- that is too funny. Actually that is good they do not like TV as much.