Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's a Jungle Safari

That's what the boys said when they helped me look for some of their "Jungle/Safari" animals for Natalie's Safari Baby shower. Shauna, Suzi and I had a great time planning it and putting it together.
There were snakes, bullfrogs, tigers, lions ,monkeys, At one point Mowgli was there but I had to put him back inside the bag. There were beautiful papers from zebra prints to giraffes, lizards, reptiles, snakes, etc.. etc...

Jeremy and Natalie are having a BOY!

Diaper Cake Centerpiece with leopard print ribbon

Yummy food.
Chips with grilled artichoke dip and artichoke lemon dips
Chicken Salad
Green salad with candied pecans, dried cranberries and blue cheese
Turkey wrap
watermelon and
champagne grapes

Barnum Animal Favors

Yummy punch and Cake

It was nice to see old and new friends from Church


Game time:
Before the games started Suzi asked the guests to think of a Jungle Animal
and they had to act it out ala Charades....

We wrote on the invitations to bring diapers for
the Mom-to-be to enter for a raffle drawing.
And the Lucky winner is Diane
Natalie was delighted, she is now set for a good 3-6 months supply.
Jeremy needs to start practicing.

Another game was Guess Who?
Celebrity Baby Game.
From Suri Cruise to JLo, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Usher. It's pretty hard if you do not read a lot
of People Mags like us.
Well Lisa won it she must have read People mags like us, she
got all the answers right! Way to go Lisa.

And the most fun of all Baby Showers
Of course other than food, friendship
Present Time.

And more presents.
Dana, Rachel, Tina and Simone came a little late.
Better late than never and Natalie opened more presents

Cake Cutting

Tina and Natalie


I did not take a lot of pictures
I was busy eating,talking and checking foods for replenishing
It was a fun Baby Shower.

During the Babyshower
The boys went to watch Wall-E
and went to the park.
They got home and I showed Paul the Guess Who?
Poster. And asked him if he recognized any Celebrity Baby picture.
the first thing he recognized was #13
I was shocked!
I did not even recognized her
It was Angelina Jolie, so I asked my dear husband how he knew it was her
One Answer: The Lips!

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